Project Description


60 tablets

Sugar Regulation

Diabenom® is the only NATURAL preparation that uses the synergistic action of Plants extracts, Vitamins and Minerals to maintain normal blood glucose levels favoring the proper metabolism of carbohydrates. Diabenom® is essential in the health of the diabetic patient or in cases of borderline people.

Because many people are borderline between to be diabetic but they are not diabetic, sometimes diabetics have the value of their blood sugar rose suddenly and they tend to increase the dose of drugs that they take to reduce the glycemia.

So Diabenom® must be used to prevent the increased use of drugs and insulin.
Diabenom® does not contain any drugs or hormones.
Diabenom® is a first of its kind research based formula supported by original published nutritional research.

No known drug‐drug interaction with Diabernom, There are no side effects to the use of Diabenom®.
● No artificial colours
● Gluten free
● No preservatives
● No salt or yeast
● No preservatives
● No lactose or added sugar
● Diabenorm has not been tested on animals