Project Description

ESAL SPRAY 15/100 ml®
Saline Solution

Esal spray is a sterile, isotonic and buffered saline solution with physiological pH, for application in moistening of nose mucous membranes.

Use of Esal spray is simple, safe and with no side effects of any sort, it does not irritate delicate and sensitive mucous membranes such as those of children and the elderly.

The spraying devices applied to the bottles including a specific and anatomic nose adapter, have been specifically designed to guarantee an easy, widespread and efficient distribution of the saline solution, avoiding at the same time causes leading to damage to delicate mucous membranes.

Tests performed by leading laboratories confirm biocompatibility of Esal spray according to the following European standards.

Standard Esal saline solution
UNI EN ISO 10993.5 Not cytotoxic on direct contact
UNI EN ISO 10993.10 Does not cause irritation
UNI EN ISO 10993.10 Does not cause allergic sensitization

All clinical studies carried out so far report that the method has been safely used by both adults and children and there is no evidence of adverse effects or addiction.

Mode of Use

Use Esal spray in case of:

  • Dryness of nasal mucous membranes due to air conditioning and heating in offices, at home, on planes or in other closed places
  • Night snoring
  • Colds, sinusitis and rhinitis caused by allergies, to relieve symptoms
  • In septal perforations, where it is essential that mucous edges of the perforation be kept moist, application of Esal spray, associated with daily nose washing, limits enlargement of lesions.

Way of Use

Atomize Esal spray in each nostril according to need, even several times a day.Pressure on the bottle gives an easy, widespread and efficacious distribution through the sprayer specifically designed to fit.