Project Description


EVEIL CAPSULE® is the only UNIQUE formulation that provides a wide spectrum of essential ingredients for the correct vascular function of the Retina and the Macula lutea and to promote the healthy Eyes, in one capsule daily you can give your eyes extra Vitamins, Minerals,Lutein,Omega 3,Zeaxanthin,Folic acid, Bilberry and Lycopene.

EVEIL CAPSULE ® is AREDS FORMULA ( Age – Related Eye Disease Study ) evaluated by The National Eye Institute (NEI) on the progression of advanced macular degeneration and/or moderate vision loss in people at moderate to high risk for AMD progression

Ingredients (for 1 Capsule):
Microencapsulated fish oil 240 mg (EPA + DHA), Potassium 30 mg, Vit C 50 mg, Lutein 10 mg, Calcium 10 mg, Zeaxanthin 2.5 mg, Manganese 2.50 mg, Vit E 10 mg, Vit B3 16 mg, Zinc 7 mg
Copper 1 mg, Bilberry 7 mg, Selenium 30 mcg, Vit A 0.6 mg, Lycopene 0.2mg, Vit B6 1.3 mg
Vit B1 1.3 mg, Vit B2 1.3 mg, Chromium 50 mcg, Folic acid 250 mcg, Vit B12 2.4 mcg,Ginkgo biloba 20mg

The substances contained in EVEIL ® contribute to:

  • The maintenance of visual acuity physiologic (zinc, vitamin B2 )
  • Reduce macular degeneration, Compose the macular pigment, Filter the light so protect the Retina
    from harmful effects of light radiation UV (Lutein, Zeaxanthin,)
  • Normalize the functioning of the nervous system (vitamin B2, copper, vitamin B6, vitamin B12)
  • Normalize the metabolism of homocysteine (vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12)
  • Normalize the metabolism of proteins and glycogen (vitamin B6)
  • To maintain the normal function emoreologica and the integrity of the microcirculation (Ginkgo biloba extract)
  • Maintenance of Corneal Epithelium integrity , (Potassium,Calcium,Magnesium,Sodium )
  • Repair of Photoreceptors,Protect from Dry Eye Syndrome ( Omega 3 EPA&DHA)
  • Essential for the regeneration of Rhodopsin, improve the peripheral blood circulation of retina ( Bilberry extract )

These nutrients are capable of antagonizing the oxidation of free radicals that are the basis of the processes of aging and cell death and of cerebral vascular damage. Not always the daily diet gives appropriate intake of these substances and the elderly the situation is aggravated by their reduced absorption.

The increase of oxidative phenomena, especially those related to air pollution, smoking, exposure to sunlight and the reduced availability of specific antioxidants are due to an increase in degenerative diseases even against some ocular structures from the complex metabolism energy as the retina and in particular the macular area.

It is at this level that the light radiation are in contact with the photoreceptors allowing the vision. It is therefore necessary to correct a potential antioxidant in order to maintain the balance between cellular oxidative processes and those in the retina.