Project Description

“First impression is the ideal impression”

Glutamil is the answer to one’s skin problem as it does not only make the skin lighter. It also erases pimple marks, dark spots and heals damaged skin.

Glutamil Skin Supplement with exclusive PhytoflORAL® is a balanced food supplement that works with the complete range for brighter even toned skin. Two capsules should be taken once daily with food.

Glutamil It is highly superior to other brands because it is a combination of 6 main components in one capsule.

When mixed together, these components assure better and faster glutathione whitening results as they answer one’s needs in terms of firming the skin, the regulation of the production of oil glands, cell regeneration, cell rejuvenation and deep skin cleansing.

With the use of Glutamil, one will not only look whiter but will also feel younger and healthier.

Free from: Preservatives, artificial colours, gelatin, gluten, salt and yeast. Glutamil tablet is made with slow release and gastro-resistant tecnhology, to ensure the maximum intestinal absportion and bioavailability. Glutamil brings together an advanced bio-available blend and can guarantee that the actives are 100% absorbed and enter the bloodstream to lighten and brighten the skin.