Project Description

MalSol ®

Fertility and reproductive health, for Male Fertility

Despite Diagnostics has made great strides, about 44% of cases of male infertility remains without a cause apparent etiology. MalSol ® provides to doctors or those suffering from infertility / sub-fertility of male factor an innovative proposal that will enhance the physiological antioxidant system.

The choice of Functional ingredients in the formulation of MalSol ® is the result of careful and complex literature searches can document, with reliable clinical work, the validity of each individual molecule.

MalSol ® is a nutraceutical in pharmaceutical quality, its active ingredients perform a synergic action all together.

MalSol ® is indicated for the treatment of infertility or sub-fertility to male factor even if associated with

  • acute or subacute inflammatory states.
  • Oligozoospermia (low number of sperm in the ejaculate)
  • Asthenozoospermia (defects in sperm motility)
  • Teratozoospermia (sperm morphology unsuitable for fertilization)
  • Varicocele (after surgery)
  • United infertility / subfertility consequence of bacterial infections etiology and not bacterial.

The dosage regimen and duration of treatment should be determined by Doctor.

What Sets Us Apart

We stand behind our products.

Our fertility supplements are designed in collaboration with renowned fertility physicians, based on the best available evidence in the medical literature. To ensure that our products are up to our high standards, we have a rigorous quality control process in place, including a rare third-party testing at independent laboratories. ABM is committed to the premium quality of all our products.