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All What You & Your Baby Needs is in ONE CAPSULE

The most complete supplement for pregnant and lactating women

OmiVit® is a prenatal/postnatal innovative formula that contains vitamins, minerals, Folic acid and Omega 3 all in the same capsule.
OmiVit® provides an adequate supply of minerals, vitamins, Folic & Omega 3 during pregnancy and lactation in line with the recommended levels of intake of nutrients (RDAs).
Also, OmiVit® contains highly digestible Iron (fumarate).

Why Omega-3 is important during pregnancy?

Over 60% of the brain’s weight is made of fatty acids
85% of brain phospholipids in the SNC contains DHA, that makes more fluid the neuronal membranes, favouring and modulating enzymatic acivities linked to neurotransmitters activity
Iintegrity and functionality of neurons is also linked to a correct intake of essential fatty acids that give origin to LC PUFA n-6 e n-3 and in particular DHA through metabolic processes.
DHA keeps CNS membrane fluid and flexible, which is necessary and important for:

1. a correct neural development and synapses plasticity
2. aging leads to a DHA levels decrease, together with lack of cerebral efficiency (Alzheimer’s disease shows very low DHA levels)
3. It has been demonstrated that cognitive processes improve after DHA supplementation.

  • Omega-3 reduces the risk of preterm birth increasing the production of substances with antithrombotic action.

  • Omega-3 are used after childbirth for the production of breast milk.

  • A lack of Omega-3 increases the risk of depression in the mother.


  • Very cost effective as it contains vitamins, minerals, folic acid and Omega-3 in the same capsule.

  • Carfully selected ingredients and doses to deliver adequate supplementation according to the recommended daily allownce (RDA).

  • Contains a highly digestible Iron (fumarate).

  • Contains high quality Omega-3 that is stable against oxidation.