The herbal biopharmaceutical is based on the optimization of pharmacological and pharmacoclinical yield of highly standardized and titrated plant derivates.
To optimization of the pharmacological yield refers, to close as possible, to the real potential of a plant derived otherwise unexpressed for limitations due to poor oral bioavailability, effect of massive destruction by hepatic first-pass, destruction of assets made by the resident flora, inactivation of ingredients bound to a certain pH value, or the need that the active is free to a predetermined pH, or a obvious delay in the release of the active fraction by the tablet.
The application of herbal biopharmaceutical makes possible a potential pharmacological action that may have difficulty to express its entirety as antagonized by the complex system of the human body made of barriers, membranes, enzymes.
All products of ABM Srl were “built” trying to untangle and to solve the problems related to each raw material that would limit the clinical yield.