what-abmThe biopharmaceutical is a scientific discipline that studies the influence of the materials used for the production of a medicinal product (drug, excipient, carrier), the manufacturing process and the dosage form, on the release of the drug in the body and the relationship between liberation and absorption of the active substances of the same.
The keywords of biopharmaceutical are various: disintegration, dissolution, transit, modified release etc.., But the most important is bioavailability, ie, the total amount of drug transferred from the pharmaceutical form which reaches unchanged the systemic circulation following absorption and, optionally, presystemic metabolism.

The final goal of the biopharmaceutical, therefore, is to understand how the above factors influence the bioavailability of the drug in a medicinal preparation.
Herbal biopharmaceutical means the biopharmaceutical applied to plant extracts, raw materials and active ingredients of herbal nature that often have high bioavailability and absorption problems after oral administration.
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