ABM srl

Your Well-Being Is Our Success

ABM is a Pharmaceutical company, produces food supplement, medical device and cosmetics in Italy.
ABM represents also a number of major international companies in Pharmaceutical field. distributing their products in several countries in the world taking advantage of our experience in registration in the Ministries of health and our local distribution through our scientific offices.

ABM invests in research to get innovative, patented and tested products with clinical trials done in the most important Italian universities.

We value our customer’s precious time, traditions, needs by giving competitive prices and superior services with the highest quality of products. Our aim is to be more than just a producer of Food Supplement and Cosmetics; but rather to be a customer partners.

ABM in Italy is structured in all branch of products: presented to doctors trough a network of 40 medical reps trained by the company.

ABM has a team of experts in formulating of new products, Our intent, as well as being a excellent producer of dietary supplements-Medical Device and cosmetics, and continually working on improving our production by following the latest scientific discoveries.

A committee of university professors verifies from a scientific point of view the advertising campaign and the folders presented to doctors.

On the base of the obtained results, the Company is now developing in new foreign markets like:

  • The Mediterranean coastal states
  • Central Europe


The mission of ABM is to contribute to the individual’s well-being with products of the highest quality standards.


The company’s objective is to become an enterprise of reference in the study of Phytotherapy and dietetic nutritional supplements, and efficaciously compete, in the health field, with the most important manufacturers in today world’s market.